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Do-it-yourself Divorce

Do-it-yourself divorce means divorce without an attorney. In the state of Indiana, online divorce is recognized. When arranging an uncontested case, DIY divorce can be a great alternative to save money. However, experts do not recommend dealing with a contested divorce without any legal assistance.

How does a do-it-yourself divorce work in Indiana? The spouses need to come to an agreement on the most important terms of their dissolution on their own, out-of-court, and notarize this agreement. Then, they have to collect the papers required for their divorce case following the Indiana Family Law, fill the forms out, and submit them with the local court.

The most time consuming and complicated step of a DIY divorce is the paperwork. For a person without a legal background, this part of the process can seem overwhelming. Seeking the affordable assistance of an online service that deals with the paperwork for you is a simple and effective solution. OnlineIndianaDivorce can help! OnlineIndianaDivorce.com can take care of all of the paperwork preparation for you and provide you with excellent support so that you can complete the divorce process as self-represented litigants.

Based on information provided by the user, OnlineIndianaDivorce.com provides a customized divorce paperwork kit online in just a couple of days. By using the OnlineIndianaDivorce.com service, the only thing you will have to do is file the completed documents with the court.

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Customer Testimonials
Robert B.
The process was fast and relatively straight forward. If there are any portions you want to personalize then you need to right a rough draft and wait until the next day to submit.
Review stars
Danielle C.
My husband has been in prison since 2008 and I have been trying but I got pregnant and they wouldn't allow us to divorce even though it was not his child but using online makes it so easy to use and understand
Review stars
Stacy S.
I was skeptical at first if it was a scam or not but after reading the reviews and checking with the BBB I felt secure I am glad I did it was a quick easy process direction where easy to understand.
Review stars
Megan L.
I was so unsure on what to expect with this divorce, given that I never prepared myself for it. But with Online Indiana Divorce, I was able to get all of the information submitted and payment for the process done all in one day. It was so convenient and made this part less stressful for me. I'm thankful the resources are available without any hassle.
Review stars
Matt I.
I looked at this option but wasn’t sure. They then sent me a half off offer. This sealed it and the process was easy to follow and they were very quickly in getting the documents back to me
Review stars
Stephanie L.
The divorce process was simple. I answered all the questions to the best of my ability. It only took one day to receive the forms for my case. I appreciate the process being straightforward because it is a difficult and emotional moment in your life.
Review stars
Joshua C.
Everything is user friendly. Good directions and straight forward.
Review stars
Mia H.
St. Joseph
It was easy fast in very understanding the wait is not too long all around it’s a great website
Review stars
Kami B.
This site is quick and easy. Helped me get all my information I needed and paperwork finalized
Review stars